Making a nomination

Step 1. Determine whether your nomination meets the program eligibility criteria.
  • View program guidelines here.
  • View program eligibility criteria here.
Step 2. Fill out the nomination form
Step 3. If you choose to download the Nomination Form please attach additional pages and information, if needed. Submissions by mail and email are accepted.
Step 4. The Program Co-ordinator will review the submissions for completeness and then acknowledge receipt of the nomination
Step 5. The Historic Sites Sub-Committee will evaluate each nomination as it is received. The Sub-Committee will report its decisions to the Archives & History Committee.
Step 6. Successful nominations will be commemorated on the Honouring Our Heritage – Celebrating United Church of Canada website.

For more information contact:

General Council Archivist
The United Church of Canada Archives
40 Oak Street
Toronto, Ontario M5A 2C6